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From our Application Validation Accounts, will validate and normalize all your bank accounts to IBAN format accompanied by their SWIFT / BIC, we found that the Bank and the branch there and will also inform you if the clearance is affected by Integration Bank of Spain and Portugal in less than 24 hours.


Up to 1,500 accounts to validate - 280 € + VAT

Up to 2,500 accounts to validate - 380 € + VAT

For higher Consultenos validations, we have no limit.

Form of use


Under a previous confidentiality agreement signed between both parties.

We supply a file in Excel format:

  • The Domiciliary - both 20-digit format CCC or 24 IBAN to Spain or 21 digits or 25 digits IBAN, in the case of Portugal.
  • You can add additional information following the debiting adding the vertical bar (AltGr and the key number 1) Identifier or Customer Number, Name fields or you. deems appropriate. Esto le facilitara la importación totalmente.
  • Important files separate Spain and Portugal
  • Here and in less than 24 hours we send a file in Excel with the validation performed and duly implemented with the fields IBAN, SWIFT and TEST * (which will indicate the incidents produced in the Validation: OK, DC, NE, FI, EI). so you can perform Import your system.
  • Any questions are available.


  • The accounts are correct, they will be transformed into IBAN format and data adding Swift Branch, Municipality, Province and telephone. These accounts are correct will have a Country Code OK.
  • The Domiciliary having bad check digit will recalculate the correct and will indicate a Country Code DC.
  • Debits that are incorrect because there is no bank branch will be informed with a Code Country NE. For these cases you can view the area where modifications Entities Mergers and Takeovers locate the closures.
  • Debits that do not have the correct format, will also be informed with a Code Country FI.
  • Integrated Entity - (Only in Spain Validation) affected by integration or merger, entity is recommended to update the account. EI.

Security and confidentiality.

For security reasons, and in compliance with Law 15/1999, Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that all data provided are protected against unauthorized access and are immediately removed from our server once completed the process validation, so we guarantee the absolute security and confidentiality of the information used.